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    http://www.dubai-mall.ae/ Dubai Mall,Exposed that red skin! Lin Yang every step, we must stop for a minute to adapt to the temperature of this place. And so the hearts did not feel the temperature, he will walk a step! And then stop where, for a long time before they began to move forward. His skin because of the temperature of the skin baked, and more red! Is such a period of less than ten meters away, Lin Yang take one step, stop for a long time! Take a step, stop for a long time! About a day in the past, he only went half the distance it!

    Backpack Bag,Lin Yang, my most promising brother, you must adhere to live, you must understand the realm of this layer, which is for you to become strong and pave the way! So you must understand! After so two days, Lin Yang’s mood better than before on a lot, and now his mind has to another state, of course, all this change is that he does not know! In his mind only one goal is to come to the end of this journey, that the source of the magma!

    Burberry Backpack,He is strong by his strong, even if the temperature is high, as long as in my mind you do not have temperature, then you do not have temperature. Lin Yang said to himself. This is Lin Yang these two days out of the things that come out! So after another two days, Lin Yang, he has come to the end of this journey, at the foot of the float to Lin Yang listened down, he recovered his foot opened his eyes! At his feet is a big pit, the following fire red magma from his feet and a meter away! At the foot of the hot magma rolled in the non-stop, as if his protests against the general Lin Yang!