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    Nike FlyKnit,But he wants accurate hit iron feather carving eyes, the calculation is still extremely heavy, thanks to the moment, that carving is the reaction group, issued a few times after the sharp screaming, the rush down the rush down. This iron feather carving habits, but also with the dark plumage eagle almost, revenge strong. Continuous impairment of three companions, is completely angered this carnival. Yue Yu suddenly shook his head, so that their sense of recovery Qingming. And then the hands of the bow string and then move again, this time he no trouble, to find opportunities to shoot those iron feather carved eyes, but the ribs and the wings of the axillary between.

    nike men’s shoes,He did not seek anti-time this time, as long as the loss of these Fe Feiao birds can fly. Once the loss of wings, these three lower-order demon birds fighting on the ground, but also than those on the order of the two Wicked. After this shot out, Yue Yu also do not bother to observe, almost in three seconds, to complete the take arrows, on the bow, and then to bow, put string process. And with that white arrow close to his thumb slide out of the top three hundred meters above the carved group, but also lost a balance of iron feathers to fall to the distance.

    nike women’s shoes,Just the fifth arrow, his middle finger and index finger is a dull pain. The left hand holding the thumb of the bow, but also because of high-speed friction of the arrow body cut through the epidermis. This phenomenon, before he used the black wooden bow, is never encountered. Put this on! The first discovery Yue Yu abnormal shape, is still Yueyue Jie, the moment put his hand on the pull finger and hand lost in the past. Yue Yu caught a smile, the fastest speed of the one to wear, and then looked up again. Found that only a few seconds, that iron feathers have been subduction to less than two hundred and twenty meters from the ground.