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    Nike Free Run,I said to you this old and ugly old man! Show your true body now! I did not expect this is the ax in the class, and even met an expert that you are how I escaped from the heartworm it! That black mist dispersed an old man appeared in front of him, he looked at Lin Yang asked. This naturally simple, it is like cold heartwarming, I am from the Southern Fire Empire, as long as the fire element with the power element to seal the gas into the heartworm that can not play his role in nature! Lin Yang explained.

    Nike full palm air cushion,No one will be his eyes to be absorbed by him to go! This, what is this, why do I think his head a good halo ~ Lin Yang suddenly felt his head become very heavy, in front of everything is like a lost focus of the picture as stumbled! Followed by his eyelids on the slowly together. That old man smiled and said: Oh, do I Hulu elderly name is false? Out of these two things together, I have a magic outside the magic arts, there are other magic can be used, you slowly wait for the demons of the destruction of it!

    Nike INTERNATIONALIST,Lin Yang did not know when he woke up, when he opened his eyes when he found himself standing on the roof of a building, and this floor is not the floor of Tianyuan continent,nike 包包, but in the real world of Bermuda Building, Followed by a beautiful Keren appeared in the fence above! She smiled and looked at Lin Yang said: know autumn, I’m sorry you, I want to leave you! Lin Yang struggling to run forward, but it makes a few meters away in the distance he felt a thousand miles away, no matter how to accelerate their own, even if the use of the shura Shura can not shorten the distance between half a milli, Lin Yang Tears constantly fall down, mouth crying, but this cry, but how did not come out, and that beautiful Keren has fallen into this one hundred meters high under the building.