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    nike air max,I announced the four family rookie contest officially began, first we Ouyang master Ouyang Jin as we read rookie competition rules and systems. Ouyang Jin stood up and said the three-year term of the rookie contest began, this rookie race and in previous years, divided into single and group match. First of all, the team is held. The four families represent four teams! By the lottery decision opponents, each family rookie can play twice. Competition implementation of three Council two wins system. Win the two teams can be directly promoted to the second strong, lose the two teams battle third and fourth!

    Nike basketball shoes,After all, this is a friendly! We do not want to hurt because of it and the feelings between the four families! Now ask four teams to send teams to stage draw! Ouyang Jin finished, do not know where to come up with a box! First of all, is the Murong home Murong Yun, that is, go up to the Lin family and pro-Lin Yang who have the gambling. He pulled out a paper ball. Opened I saw the number one. Murong clan No. 1 Ouyang Jin said, he is to let the audience know the order of the clan to play.

    Nike Roshe Run,Lin clan drawn in the 2, they will face the clan Shangguan home! Well, the four teams have been able to get the number! Now please Ouyang clan and Murong clan sent the first players! Ouyang Jin said. Murong home to send the player is a twenty or so men, Murong wind, who shed the ninth order of the players! Ouyang home is sent out of the Ouyang Qi is also where the ninth-order players. Murong home is good at fingering and Ouyang home is the palm method and leg method. So the two are not used weapons. Weapon with a good control will not hurt the opponent.