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    Jordan,Fire Rat King nodded his head, said Wang, then how do we now? To take a look at it? An elders asked, nonsense, this is a must! You elders with me a few trips, and then inform the people to prepare for the war, the fire beast race they bully too. Vulcan descendants of our original patience they had! Did not think they would have shot, even so! Then we have to let him look at our flame is not a good mess! Cassel, I wait for this day for a long time!

    nike air huarache,While the rest of the elders of some of the remaining rapid preparation for combat, as well as after the immobility of the information! With the first two access to the channel experience, and now the tear force is not so completely in the channel Lin Yang was surprised! Lin Yang’s soul force spread rapidly, he can feel in this channel on the other side there are many powerful atmosphere exists! It seems that the fire between the beast beast beast and the flame should be what happened between the mouse and the things that make them in the intersection where the tribes are guards!

    nike air force,Because in this unique channel can not be used among the independent space! Then they can only separate from this channel to enter! And this is bound to be watched the entrance of the fire beast beast their attention, fourth-order World of Warcraft, from the dust level of the fire beast beast on Lin Yang is not much of a threat, the only threat to Lin Yang is this Fire Beast King. That legend is the existence of six-order level. In the impression of Lin Yang, his master of impermanence and the mysterious old man leaves the old two people are reincarnation level!