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    Nike FlyKnit,Because the situation in Oslo, Bergen is also slightly better than that. The morale of the public morale friends matter what…… always be able to scrape together a million or so of the army bar. Coupled with their own sites on the nobles were war, and now it is time to recuperate. Cannon fodder what can not be used, just by virtue of Egil men more than six thousand people – although all regular army, and strive to fight it will definitely win. But the pressure is still great ah bastard! In the break of the Bergen, site expansion again, Egil’s regular army under the command of the expansion again.

    nike men’s shoes,Five hundred people in a team of two soldiers of the Viking, a total of 1000 people, wearing heavy armor, wearing a helmet, armed with a war ax shield. Carrying fly ax three handles. Is under the command of Ai Jier red knives to injure the first player. The same five hundred a team of the Viking infantry six teams, a total of three thousand people, in addition to the body of the chain is not as thick as Viking warriors, the rest of the equipment are almost – of course, discipline and morale, and training The degree is not as high as the Viking warrior. Is the backbone of the Egil army.

    nike women’s shoes,Actual combat is relatively low. Is Ai Jier now desperation choice. Nordic archers, upgrade the light armor, equipped with round hand ax – at first glance and the Viking warrior look like, but the iconic helmet replaced by a helmet, morale is slightly better. Speaking, this thing called archers, not as good as the infantry with a bow and arrow a little better. Want to recruit a stronger long-range arms, only to wait until the compound bow out again. Even so, but the Nordic archers have good or bad archers such words, standing on the wall down shoot this kind of thing or do it.