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    Ray ban SUNGLASSES,But look at your color to be pretty good. ** Lolita is my favorite old lady! As you follow me the old lady. We two people Shuangxiu. You are cool and the speed of cultivation will be greatly accelerated! Tie, you do not die of the old! Even want to eat grass grass cow. The girl is already a master of the flowers. You are undoubtedly an insult to this girl! Today let the girl to teach you! Li Wei,Nike Air Huarache, then said the words have come from the six elders. Her fists clenched tightly, look at boxing to know the power of this punch is not small.

    Versace SUNGLASSES,But I like, want to fight ah! I will fulfill your old lady! Mace to close up. The palm of his left hand held straight up there. Tianyuan force wrapped in the palm of your hand. The next second, Li Wei’s fist has come. Her pair of fist is not too big hit straight in the six elders of the palm of the hand, a burst of energy from the air and the palm of the fist hit the center of a circular spread. Li Wei was the power of this earthquake Zhenfan no less than a hundred meters, and that the six elders are still standing there firmly.

    WALLET,Hey, little girl! Your fist strength is too small. To the old lady I scratch it is not enough. Six elders Qiaomei smile, he had thought that this little girl turned out to be fist, but did not release any nirvana, should be confident of her own strength. But such a fight, he knew how much he is a mistake. Also, ah, such a weak little girl, he could not see her power. Definitely just a realm where the shed it! Otherwise the old lady why I can not see her strength.