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    Nike Free Run,The second game begins! Ouyang Jin gave the order. Ouyang Qi ’s plate dragon kick has been greeted. Murong cloud a turn, to hide in the past! His fingers suddenly became blood red. A – means – Yin – Yang – way! Blood red refers to the force through the air, almost equal to Ouyang Qi. Ouyang Qi a sideways to hide in the past! Dragon – shape – no – shadow! Ouyang Qi with both hands sliding in the sky Tianyuan force continued to accumulate around him! But so powerful Tianyuan force into his hands, but not without a breath!

    Nike full palm air cushion,His fingers also joined together. Thumb and index finger stopped, the index finger on the middle. Tianyuan force in the air condensed into a small ball. Numerous small ball constantly fired Ouyang Qi. At this time of the Ouyang Qi-shaped shadowless has been completed! His hand a push dragon-shaped shadowless has been pushed out. Dragon-shaped shadow and those small ball constant collision, those small ball once the dragon-shaped shadow disappeared without a trace! Murong Yun seeing a smile, the index is also the speed of what it stopped, that the force of the ball more together the greater Murong Yun suddenly bombs out.

    Nike INTERNATIONALIST,Nike Air Max,Murong Yun seems to have expected, blood-red means that the shadow disappeared in the dragon-shaped, has shot to go! Ouyang Qi dodge was a means of injury. Ouyang Qi said. Well, because Ouyang Qi lose! The second game Murong Yunsheng! Ouyang Jin said! The following please 2 Shangguan Xuan play! Ouyang Jin said. Shangguan Xuan came to play, directly said the game, I abstained! Wow ~ field suddenly set off a great uproar. It seems that Murong Yun has been a notorious element Yang, so that the little girl on the Shangguan fear directly surrendered!