Its Time to put God back in Charge!

January 9, 2011 in Uncategorized by admin

Our government has tried its best to remove God from everything in this country, including currency, prayer in schools etc. They claim it is offensive to a minority, but yet after yesterdays tragedy our government, the WH and many politicians have urged every American to pray for the families involved in this very unfortunate incident.This is as it should be, faith and prayer is what this country was founded on and has kept it strong.

Our hypocritical politicians need to wake up and realize God doesn’t work on a part time basis and that there is no such thing as part time faith.

This country is a strong and blessed nation because we are United under God and if we keep trying to eliminate him, someday he may just stop answering those prayers!

Have we stopped to think that maybe part of the problem is that we are not so united anymore.

No truer statement has ever been spoken; United we Stand, Divided we Fall